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Read to Feed is a unique reading incentive and motivation program for children. It aims to cultivate children's charity awareness by encouraging them to read as well as to raise funds for people in poverty-stricken areas. This program encourages the love of reading, the passion to care for others and the motivation to help build a better world.



In four weeks, children read as many books that their teachers, parents or librarians have recommended as possible.


Raise funds

Children get sponsored by family and friends for each book they read.


Help impoverished families

The funds raised will be pooled to implement Haihui’s poverty alleviation projects and help more rural families in need.

In February 2011, Haihui launched the Read to Feed program in China at the YK Pao primary school. A total of 410 students participated in the program, raising a total of 37,256.8 yuan. Many new schools have joined the program since its launch, including the YK Pao middle school, the QSI International School of Chengdu, Leman Chengdu International School, Guangya School at Luxehills International Community and HD Ningbo School. The project has now been carried out in 23 schools across the country, with more than 2,000 students raising a total of 1.6 million yuan.
In addition to the Read to Feed program, as a way to expand the influence of the program and create even greater awareness and mutual understanding in our communities, we also invite students, parents and teachers from participating schools to visit some of the impoverished areas that have received support from Haihui, and, likewise, invite children that have benefited from the poverty alleviation project to visit Read to Feed schools.


At the beginning of the event, Haihui will provide a full set of materials to schools, including videos, PowerPoint presentations, informational letters to share with parents, program stories and electronic picture books


At the end of the event, awards will be granted to students and classes:
[Outstanding Reader]
For the student who reads the most, within a grade or in one’s class.
[Outstanding Fundraiser]
For the student who raises the most, within a grade or in one’s class.
[Busy Bee Award]
For the class that reads the most, within one grade or school.
[Benevolence Award]
For the class that raises most, within a grade or school.


Facilitate the opening and close ceremony at school, as needed.


Haihui will develop an agreement with schools to specify how and for what purpose the donation will be used.


Haihui will provide a “Unified Invoice of Donation for Public Welfare” to schools that donate.


Every six months, Haihui will provide project progress and financial reports to schools, as well as an audited annual report each year.


For schools that have raised more than 50,000 yuan, Haihui will assist in organizing a small-group visit for teachers and students to the project site.
What They Want to Know—Read to Feed Campus Talk 2016

What They Want to Know—Read to Feed Campus Talk 2016

Since the first “Read to Feed” program in 2010, the initiative has continued to grow, and in six years worked its way into numerous schools throughout Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Ningbo.

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We hope that more children and young people will have the opportunity to join this engaging and meaningful program.
If your school or educational institution is interested in taking part in or learning more about the program, please contact us.

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Statement on the management and use of funds

Haihui is a non-profit organization registered under China’s civil affairs department. We are dedicated to supporting poverty alleviation and the sustainable development of rural communities in China. We regularly update our project reports, clearly record the use of donated funds, and retain relevant receipts for our works. We accept rigorous review and close scrutiny from competent authorities, third-party auditing agencies and partner organizations, with all data posted publicly online to ensure that public donations are used properly, effectively, efficiently, and in a transparent manner.