Create a Brighter Future

for Left-behind Children


Support the education and strong mental health of left-behind children in rural villages so they are no longer alone in preparing for the future.

These children seem like any children around the world, they smile when they are happy, cry when they are sad. But what makes these children different is that they will grow up without their parents, with no one to care for them, their feelings or their future.

Lixin is a poor county in Anhui province with a population of 1.65 million. Over the years, 4,820,000 migrant workers have left the region, and with their departure, left behind 81,000 children. These left-behind children are brought up by family members across generations, but their care is far from adequate, their education highly lacking, and their spiritual and moral guidance, nil. They are trapped in a forgotten loneliness, where it is far too easy to slip into despair and wander astray.

These children and their guardians
are faced with many problems and need our help.

The problems that left-behind children are facing:

1. Without support in their studies it is easy to abandon this path, leading many to drop out of school before completing their education.

2. The lack of communication brings about a feeling of loneliness with many related psychological effects, which may lead to poor self-images and negative or rebellious behavior, among other things.

3. The lack of discipline and moral awareness can result in misbehavior, with children becoming prone to fighting or other vices.

4. A lack of information sharing, a lack of awareness about one’s surroundings, and an insufficient understanding about society makes it difficult for one to find a positive path forward, participate meaningfully in society and find motivation to improve one’s own situation in the future.

5. Without proper guardianship, children lack an important awareness about their safety, and as a result, their safety is greatly jeopardized.

The problems that arise with cross-generational guardians:

1. Their notion of education is outdated or obsolete and these guardians unable to steer students in the right direction.

2. These guardians have a low level of education that prevents them from properly guiding or tutoring children.

Challenges parents face:

1. Working far away from home with a heavy workload, parents are unable to care for, guide and help educate their children—socially and otherwise.

2. With a demanding work schedule it makes it difficult to spend quality time with children, making it hard for them to connect and understand one another and leading to a growing gap between parents and children.

To help the left-behind children grow up happily and healthily


We hope more organizations and individuals will join us in this important initiative.
Your help will ensure a brighter future for left-behind children, who are desperate for support.


Fundraising Target

141,105 RMB


Individual support:

1.Become a project volunteer to support local education.

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2.Donate to the project.

15 yuan could buy a child a book.

90 yuan could give a child a schoolbag.

300 yuan could give a child a desk and chair for their studies.

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Statement on the management and use of funds

Haihui is a non-profit organization registered under China’s civil affairs department. We are dedicated to supporting poverty alleviation and the sustainable development of rural communities in China. We regularly update our project reports, clearly record the use of donated funds, and retain relevant receipts for our works. We accept rigorous review and close scrutiny from competent authorities, third-party auditing agencies and partner organizations, with all data posted publicly online to ensure that public donations are used properly, effectively, efficiently, and in a transparent manner.