Left-Behind Mothers


Equip left-behind mothers in the Daliang Mountains of Sichuan with scientific farming
skills that will help improve their living conditions

Desperate for change, for hope

In the Daliang Mountains of Sichuan there lives a group of left-behind mothers facing hardships day after day. Their husbands are migrant workers in big cities, but their families still live in mud-walled houses in this rural part of China. These women could have chosen to leave their village and work in the big cities like their husbands, but instead they chose to stay at home to care for their children and their elderly parents. Beyond their daily housework, they also need to farm in order to provide for their family. But with poor natural conditions and scarce resources in the area, the crops they grow are limited, with the potatoes and corn they manage to grow just enough to feed their loved ones. These caring women are eager to rise out of poverty and are willing to put in the necessary work to relieve pressure on their husbands and create a better life for their children and parents.

Haihui making change possible

After first entering the market as part of Heifer China, the Haihui organization has been contributing to poverty alleviation efforts in rural China, helping poor families become more self-reliant and ensuring a brighter future for the next generation. We provide them with various types of livestock, crops and related technical training, and when recipient families have risen out poverty, they have pledged to help in “Passing on the Gift®” by sharing their livestock’s offspring—or equivalent funds, as well as the knowledge or skills they have gained to other families in need. By doing this, the Haihui initiative not only helps a larger number of local families, but also contributes to the sustainable development of the entire community.

The Haihui project provides left-behind mothers premium black piglets and 1,000 yuan toward building, or rebuilding the necessary pigsty. Through this simple yet important act, we are offering an opportunity for left-behind mothers to create a better life for themselves and their families.

  • The story of Jibuguoguo

    From recipient to contributor… the re-birth of left-behind women.

  • The story of Adiniuniu

    How a young, left-behind mother affords her child’s education.

  • Looking forward to the future

    With premium piglets and new sties, left-behind mothers gain key resources that, when property managed, help them earn and save money that can be used toward their child’s tuition fees, their living expenses and their family’s medical bills. But simply giving is not enough; in order to ensure their livestock remains healthy and profitable, these mothers still need training to learn proper breeding techniques and farming methods and to learn about disease prevention. That is why Haihui invites breeding experts and community disease prevention coordinators to teach left-behind mothers about the maintenance and market for black pigs. To live a better life, left-behind mothers need more skills and training than they were originally left with, which makes it imperative that we provide support from a broad cross-section of trained and caring people.

    Strong alliances make for sustainable change

    Haihui’s mission cannot be realized alone. It is only through collaborations, alliances and support from like-minded individuals and corporations that our vision can come true. We openly welcome caring enterprises, groups or individuals to join us in our efforts!

    There are various ways to support Haihui’s projects. In addition to sponsorship or donations, we are also open to customized collaborations that align with enterprises’ objectives and corporate social responsibility initiatives. By getting involved, companies not only strengthen the positive image of their brand, but also help Haihui in its efforts to alleviate poverty around China.

    For inquiries about sponsorships, donations or collaborations, please contact:

    Rachel Jia

    Tel: 86-28-85373997

    Email: jiaruting@haihuichina.org

    Statement on the management and use of funds

    Haihui is a non-profit organization registered under China’s civil affairs department. We are dedicated to supporting poverty alleviation and the sustainable development of rural communities in China. We regularly update our project reports, clearly record the use of donated funds, and retain relevant receipts for our works. We accept rigorous review and close scrutiny from competent authorities, third-party auditing agencies and partner organizations, with all data posted publicly online to ensure that public donations are used properly, effectively, efficiently, and in a transparent manner.