Internship at Haihui (Sichuan) – Chengdu Youth Employment Program Executive Intern

The Haihui (Sichuan) – Chengdu Youth Employment Program is supported by “Plan International” and serves young adults between 16–29 years old living in Chengdu (non-Chengdu household registration). The program helps provide these young friends with key professional skills, life skills (integrated literacy) and insights on finding a job or starting their own business. The initiative aims to support these young generations in mastering a professional skill so that they can find decent employment and better adapt and integrate into city life.

The program is currently in need of executive intern. The position details are as follows:

I. Job Description

  1. Number of recruits: 1
  2. Office location: Chengdu
  3. Start date: Anytime
  4. Salary: 80-100 RMB/day

II. Key Roles & Responsibilities

Collect program data and analyze the trends and characteristics.

III. Requirements

  1. Major in social work, sociology or public administration, preferred.
  2. Strong communications skills and a strong spirit of teamwork.
  3. Experience in public service programs, preferred.

V. Resume Submission

Please send your resume to For any questions or further inquiries, please contact:

Tianhong Tang

028-8537-3997 ext. 853